Small Sandwiches

Anchovy with baked red pepper
Toasted baguette bread. Roast the peppers in the oven for 10min and peel.
Finely Chop Georgians  and an olive.
Place the peeled roasted pepper, place anchovy in a timbal form fill with the chopped Georgians, and top with the olive

Anchovy with Cheese
Toasted baguette bread, top with soft goat cheese, tomato pulp, olive tapinade, and topped with anchovy fillet.

Salmon, yoghurt and truffled honey
Toasted Baguette bread, mix yogurt & soft cheese together and place onto toasted bread, top with smoked salmon, and drizzle with honey truffled olive oil

Tuna belly with Sea urchins 
Lightly grill on both sides and top with sea urchins 

Bread with Fresh Tomatoes
Toast bread on one side and wipe with ripped tomatoes, season and drizzle olive oil.

Stuffed Olives
Tuna in fish oil, sun dried tomatoes

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