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Owned and operated locally by Daniela Preca & Family, Tal-Familja Restaurant offers a warm atmosphere, and a homly place to eat that serves delicious, distinctive menu enjoying countryside views.


Welcome to




We invite you to join us on a culinary voyage of unmatched flavours for a great dining experience.


Allow us to allure you with high-quality ingredients acquired locally from Malta's green fields and seaside communities.


In terms of cuisine, you are given a plate of typical Maltese snacks as pre-starters along with piping hot, freshly baked tiny bread rolls with a perfect crust, velvety centre, and the main course dish of delicious infused with herbs.


The Seafood Specialists


Since 1998 we have been serving food in our familiar manner, specialising in Seafood, but also in the tradition of our predecessors. 


Tal-Familja Restaurant, owned and run locally by Daniela Preca & Family, provides a cosy ambience and a homey dining experience with a portion of wonderful, unique food while taking in views of the countryside.


The restaurant offers a light, airy eating experience on its lovely outside veranda, where the tables are tastefully dressed in crisp white tablecloths. Inside For that special romantic evening, we offer three cosy dining places decorated with paintings and memorabilia, rustic Maltese style with stone shelves, books, and the kind of intriguing, eclectic trinkets you loved fiddling with at your nanna's house as a youngster.


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